Healthy Living – October 2015

Seahawks Game

At the Seahawks Game

Can you believe that 2016 is only about two months away?  This year has been so fulfilling and went by so great, it is hard to believe it is November already! I feel so much connected with my readers than I have every been and I have to say these monthly healthy living updates kept me going.  As you know the monthly updates started as monthly weight update statuses but I love that it is changing focus a bit.  As mentioned in the last update, I want to make it more of a monthly healthy living and lifestyle update.  But why is it that I do this and why you should do the same too.   (more…)

Reflections from Grace Hopper 2015 (Long Post Warning)

grace hopper google image

grace hopper google image

Time flies, I was attending grace hopper conference 4 years ago and it was an amazing experience to say the least.  It feels like there are so many sessions that I can attend at this conference it almost feels like I need to copy and paste myself 5 times so I can be present in 5 places at one time. From technology to career to Internet of things to cloud, to the latest research everything is coming at you at once.  It is also so inspiring to attend a technology conference and see so many women and not feel like a minority for a change.  So many bright women that I can relate to their field of study under one roof and that always gives me goosebumps! (more…)

Online Banking: 10 reasons why you should ditch your local bank and start an online banking account TODAY

online bankingBeat the conventional local banks and get a high interest paying online banking account for your savings account TODAY.  Greg and I sure are glad that we switched.  Currently we use CapitalOne 360 Banking.  Their credit card have rewards that you can apply to anything or simply can receive as a money back credit towards your credit card payment.  But in this article I will be talking about CapitalOne 360 online banking!  You definitely don’t need use CapitalOne 360 it is simply an option from many, but we use CapitalOne and I highly recommend it if you want to work with an online banking service.  Here are the 10 reasons why you need to want to have an online banking account NOW:


Facebook Groups and Events for finding an Accountability Partner (VLog)

Unless you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands (who does?) you probably have learned to use Facebook a bit more intelligently. Facebook groups and Facebook events could be a great resource when it comes to finding a mastermind group or accountability partner for the goals you want to achieve or create lasting habits. I created a Facebook event under my Facebook page and originally used it as an inspiration from a recent book I read, Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise. Watch the video below on specific lessons learned from that challenge:

Facebook Event Mentioned:
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How to be successful, the sure fire way!

how to be successfulIs failure!  And yep I may be playing with words here a bit but the key to being successful is trying your best despite the possibility of failure, failing and getting back up again and working towards achieving success anyways.  Fail fast, fail a lot but never give up!
You might be wondering why the basketball image on this article. I will tell you a bit about my daughter’s basketball experience as it relates to how failures play a key role in achieving success.