Why you need an accountability partner

why you need an accountability partner

This week blog post on accountability partner is a guest post written by my amazing daughter, Melisa Sencer Gosney!  I not only love her to pieces but I am also so proud of the smart girl she has become. I have showed her my process and written down the instructions and she went on, did a little research and wrote a nice article about why someone would need an accountability partner.  Enjoy!


Semi-Annual Reader Survey – 2015

Survey the readers - Semi-Annual 2015Hello! I am really happy and excited to have our very first semi-annual survey! We’d love to know what we are doing good on and what we need to improve on.  There are only 10 quick questions on this survey and I would  really appreciate if you could help us guide what you want more of from my website. It’ll take you less than three minutes to complete this survey and your answers are completely anonymous. We would really thank you taking the time to do this.

Here is your link to our Semi-Annual 2015 Survey-  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LV6BRPZ