best podcastsI have been quite for awhile, did you miss me??? Haha.. 🙂 I sure did miss you! Now that I took some time off of podcasting I thought wouldn’t that be awesome if I just let you know what are some of the BEST PODCASTS to be exact my TOP 3 list that I just LOVE! I am a podcast junky! I love it because it is so conveniently aligned with my everyday life! If you are a continuous learner like I am, and especially if you exercise, I can’t think of a better way of combining the two. Exercise is stimulating your body while podcast, the best ones, are stimulating the mind, what a combo!

Where did my podcasts go?

This blog post idea came to me after a glitch on my iPhone when somehow all the podcasts that I had subscribed to were removed from my podcast app list. I had a blank list, which I am not used to seeing on my podcast app but on the hindsight it actually was starting to get crowded. This “glitch” actually gave me an opportunity. So if I were to pick just 3 podcasts out of all the podcasts that I had subscribed to, which ones I would pick? Before I send you off with a list though, I want to give you my tip on listening podcasts.

My Productivity Tip!

On your podcast app, start playing around with the speed dial.

best podcasts








This started out as a productivity enhancement activity for me. After probably listening to hours of podcasts at regular speed, I started to switch the speed to 1.5 speed rate and felt a bit nervous, feeling like I was going to miss something. Turning the speed rate to 2x was not going to happen cause I thought that was definitely too fast. Well, I should have known better. The way our brains operate is so fascinating. After just a couple of weeks I was up to speed rate of 2, no problem and enjoying every minute of it. My productivity started to sky-rocket. I was finishing a half hour show in just 10–15 minutes. And had 10–15 minutes to spare to reflect on what I listened and see if there are any action items that apply to my life. Try it for yourself and promise you will never go back. Now, by mistake if I listen to a show at a normal speed, I am like “WOW, They actually talk pretty slow”.. 🙂
Ok, back to my top 3 best podcasts list (as of March 23rd 2015 and I reserve the right to change them, I will update the list and the date here), here it goes:

Here is My Top 3, Best Podcasts

  1. The Chalene Show | Motivation | Leadership and Life coaching with Chalene Johnson: What a sweetheart and a successful lady. She tries her best to deliver great content and bring great guests. Her energy is contagious and she will get you motivated in whatever you do. Top on my list so nothing further I can say, just listen to it.
  2. This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt: I have to admit, when I first started listening to this show, it started to feel a bit too slow for me. I took a break but slowly here and there catching on some of his episodes and I started to get him. He started to resonate with me more and more. If you are looking for a leadership type advice, there are great episodes that you can catch up on here. I also like the latest season style with his co-host Michele Cushatt. She is doing a great job summarizing Michael’s points and gives power to his content. They are definitely a fantastic dynamic duo.
  3. The Smart Passive Income Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Passive Income | Pat Flynn: Although Pat is the reason why I started listening to podcasts and eventually launching my own, the third spot was a tough choice. I debated between Pat and Amy (HINT: 4th Podcast on my best podcasts list, yes, I gave you 4, not 3 top podcasts but oh well, check out her show at Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield). Amy really tries hard to keep her episodes to the point, which I love and I like that the content is usually consumable in my speed rate with only 10 minutes, but I still had to give the third spot to Pat. I think it is more of a comfort level of listening to Pat’s podcast that gets the rank for me. His episodes cover a whole gamete of opportunities within the online space as well as so many productivity tips wand he is very easy to relate to. He is also running for the best podcast award this year within the business space and yes, he got my vote.


There you have it! My very best podcast recommendations, the top 3, (with the extra bonus)! A glitch on my iPhone turning into a very valuable resource for someone who can make time to tune in. Enjoy!

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