Women in Technology; Ignore it? Your loss!

women in technologyWomen-in-technology is minority at a highly male dominated industry.  Other than the Grace Hopper Conference, every IT conference I have been to females stick out and the last IT event that we were invited to by a local vendor event was no exception. Actually my husband was invited first and later he informed me that I could join him.  So I went into the vendors site/event registration page and entered in all my professional information and submitted the form.


Online Banking: 10 reasons why you should ditch your local bank and start an online banking account TODAY

online bankingBeat the conventional local banks and get a high interest paying online banking account for your savings account TODAY.  Greg and I sure are glad that we switched.  Currently we use CapitalOne 360 Banking.  Their credit card have rewards that you can apply to anything or simply can receive as a money back credit towards your credit card payment.  But in this article I will be talking about CapitalOne 360 online banking!  You definitely don’t need use CapitalOne 360 it is simply an option from many, but we use CapitalOne and I highly recommend it if you want to work with an online banking service.  Here are the 10 reasons why you need to want to have an online banking account NOW:


Social Media Marketing with CoSchedule

29778274_sI have been blogging on and off for about 5 years now and it is no secret that most of the traffic to any blog today comes with social shares therefore social media marketing should be an essential part of any online business strategy no matter what business you are in. This year I am obsessed more than ever with automating most of my online presence so my business just keeps operating even when I am sleeping or in a completely unrelated meeting at a day job..  I like automation and I cannot lie!   (more…)

Facebook Mentions vs Periscope: What to choose for your next live streaming platform

Facebook mentions vs PeriscopeLast week Facebook announced that they too are in the live streaming game with their newest app “Facebook Mentions“.  How can we blame them?  Periscope app by Twitter is the hottest new social media platform right now and started a huge wave with its every growing raved fans!  If you haven’t heard about periscope, you probably are not in my emailing list, just make sure you are in it by clicking this link so you are up to date! (Side affect: you might get healthy with the free give-away in the meantime) (more…)