HIIT workout anywhere anytime: Exercise Lean, NOT Mean!

hiit workoutIf you have been working out for awhile and your workout routine has gotten a bit rusty or if it has not giving you the push you need or maybe it stopped working for your fitness goals or simply you are ready for a change, than you are in the right place!  I am about to tell you that you can change any workout and make it a HIIT workout. (more…)

My monthly weight report – June 2015

weight loss

Here is my weight update for the month of June. Before I go into how much I lost/gain, I will tell you what went well and what didn’t go so well..  I liked the calorie calculator to lose weight so I will keep my updated calculations at the bottom of this post and later talk about and plan for what is ahead for next month.


How to Create a Great Presentation, Part 1

how to create a great presentationLet me first say that learning how to create a great presentation and putting it all the work is definitely a process that you grow into and yes, it is a lot of work.  But one that is definitely worth it and very rewarding. Anybody can prepare a presentation but I am talking about the one that just inspires and moves people. The great presentation that is TED style, which makes it look like it is so natural and friendly but everybody knows the enormous amount of work that goes into preparing those presentations.  Creating a presentation can definitely be stressful and no we are all not borned with the natural talent of public speaking.  Like anything else, we need to work and hone our skills just like practicing an instrument or parenting or leadership. It takes practice.


Gel Nail Polish Home Kit, Review on My Latest Amazon Splurge

Gel Nail Polish

I know gel nail polishes are not new and I have been hearing about it more and more lately. Me being the no-polish type of girl, not that I don’t want to, it is just that every time I have nail polish on, it only looks good for TWO days on my hands. I am really rough on my nails. So, the idea of having gel nail polish that supposedly can last for two weeks is pretty intriguing.