Best Podcasts, My TOP 3 List!

best podcastsI have been quite for awhile, did you miss me??? Haha.. 🙂 I sure did miss you! Now that I took some time off of podcasting I thought wouldn’t that be awesome if I just let you know what are some of the BEST PODCASTS to be exact my TOP 3 list that I just LOVE! I am a podcast junky! I love it because it is so conveniently aligned with my everyday life! If you are a continuous learner like I am, and especially if you exercise, I can’t think of a better way of combining the two. Exercise is stimulating your body while podcast, the best ones, are stimulating the mind, what a combo! (more…)

LSL 007: How to write a song, music production, publishing, and marketing with Greg Gosney

how to write a song


In part II of my interview with my honey is all about his music, from how to write a song, how to produce, publish, and market a song. Greg talks about what inspires him to write a song, how it all comes together, and the process of his music production.  You will also hear three of Greg’s songs.  Intro and Outro, etc…   If you missed the first part of our talk, check it out at


LSL 006 : How to be a leader, stay fit and have a happy marriage with Greg Gosney!

How to be a leader

Summary: In this episode I talked to the man I love, about how to be a leader, stay fit and healthy, and our take on having a healthy, happy marriage. In my opinion, Greg didn’t give himself enough credit on all his achievements during this call.  He is an amazing dad, father, leader and a musician. But hope you can get the feel for his leadership style, his humbleness and passion about his music. He is also so consistent with his fitness and health goals. He is definitely an example to shoot for. Hope you enjoy the show.  Stay tuned for the part 2 of this show where Greg’s new album will be released and his experience on creating his new album called Roots [Explicit]. (more…)

LSL 005 : Fitness Tips and Career with Tricia Truax!

fitness tipsSummary: It has been so much fun to talk to Tricia or should I say TT, about fitness tips and tricks starting with her experience in the fitness industry as an aerobics and step instructor to running her own studio in several different ways, further along her trials in improving her fitness journey and pursuing ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) and Zumba Jammer positions, and now launching her own fitness programs. WOW!  Tricia will take us along every step of the way and dump her experiences and give you the most valuable lessons that she learned along the way. Sorry about the long episode but I just wouldn’t let her go by getting the final fitness tips cause she is an incredibly fit mom of 4 as well.  Hope you love every minute of the show! (more…)

How to Moisturize Natural Hair, Product Review!

How to Moisturize Natural Hair, Product Review!

How to moisturize natural hairIf you are looking for the best product that will help you moisturize your natural or it could actually be treated hair too, I have a great product for you to try!  I am in love with this leave in mist called Miracle 7 Leave-in Mist for Heavenly Hair. Last week I went in to the Sally’s Beauty Store to get a new bottle because I was running out of my current one. The ladies saw that I was at the store just to get that product and at the cash out one just couldn’t help but to say that this is the BEST PRODUCT in the entire store and I couldn’t agree more. So, then I thought I need to let you know about it.