Why you need an accountability partner

why you need an accountability partner

This week blog post on accountability partner is a guest post written by my amazing daughter, Melisa Sencer Gosney!  I not only love her to pieces but I am also so proud of the smart girl she has become. I have showed her my process and written down the instructions and she went on, did a little research and wrote a nice article about why someone would need an accountability partner.  Enjoy!


Healthy Living – November 2015

healthy livingThis months healthy living update is about reflections, goal setting, and holidays. It is crazy that we are about to wrap up 2015!  Before we know it 2016 will be here and we will set out to work on our new year resolutions and goals.  Although most people wait for January 1st to start working on their goals, middle of November to early December is about the time I start thinking about my goals for the new year.


Women in Technology; Ignore it? Your loss!

women in technologyWomen-in-technology is minority at a highly male dominated industry.  Other than the Grace Hopper Conference, every IT conference I have been to females stick out and the last IT event that we were invited to by a local vendor event was no exception. Actually my husband was invited first and later he informed me that I could join him.  So I went into the vendors site/event registration page and entered in all my professional information and submitted the form.


Healthy Living – October 2015

Seahawks Game

At the Seahawks Game

Can you believe that 2016 is only about two months away?  This year has been so fulfilling and went by so great, it is hard to believe it is November already! I feel so much connected with my readers than I have every been and I have to say these monthly healthy living updates kept me going.  As you know the monthly updates started as monthly weight update statuses but I love that it is changing focus a bit.  As mentioned in the last update, I want to make it more of a monthly healthy living and lifestyle update.  But why is it that I do this and why you should do the same too.   (more…)