Online Banking: 10 reasons why you should ditch your local bank and start an online banking account TODAY

online bankingBeat the conventional local banks and get a high interest paying online banking account for your savings account TODAY.  Greg and I sure are glad that we switched.  Currently we use CapitalOne 360 Banking.  Their credit card have rewards that you can apply to anything or simply can receive as a money back credit towards your credit card payment.  But in this article I will be talking about CapitalOne 360 online banking!  You definitely don’t need use CapitalOne 360 it is simply an option from many, but we use CapitalOne and I highly recommend it if you want to work with an online banking service.  Here are the 10 reasons why you need to want to have an online banking account NOW:


Facebook Groups and Events for finding an Accountability Partner (VLog)

Unless you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands (who does?) you probably have learned to use Facebook a bit more intelligently. Facebook groups and Facebook events could be a great resource when it comes to finding a mastermind group or accountability partner for the goals you want to achieve or create lasting habits. I created a Facebook event under my Facebook page and originally used it as an inspiration from a recent book I read, Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise. Watch the video below on specific lessons learned from that challenge:

Facebook Event Mentioned:
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How to be successful, the sure fire way!

how to be successfulIs failure!  And yep I may be playing with words here a bit but the key to being successful is trying your best despite the possibility of failure, failing and getting back up again and working towards achieving success anyways.  Fail fast, fail a lot but never give up!
You might be wondering why the basketball image on this article. I will tell you a bit about my daughter’s basketball experience as it relates to how failures play a key role in achieving success.


My monthly weight report – September 2015

weight lossI have been dreading to write this post but writing from Vegas makes everything better!  I am in Vegas at a conference this week so this post is going to be a quick one. I actually have gained couple of pounds this month. Although, I ate clean for the most part, my daughter’s late basketball games, late snacks, signing our son to college stress (I eat when I am stressed), labor day and taking some time off this month, I sneaked in sugar into my diet and that made the 1-2 pounds difference.  I am glad I get to write this post now that I think about it.  I like that I get to talk more about my failure and it is real, it is life but I get to bring my lessons learned to you.


My Morning Routine, Get Set for Success!

morning routineI wished my morning routine was so sexy like the ones that I see on several youtube videos where women wakes up in a pure white bedroom, everything is decorated just right, nobody else to worry but themselves and making sure all the scenes shot by the professional video crew and everything looks just amazing!.. 🙂  Not that there is anything wrong with an approach like this for inspiration but in real life things are usually not that organized but yet we can all still have an AMAZING morning routine that will set us up for success!


HIIT workout anywhere anytime: Exercise Lean, NOT Mean!

hiit workoutIf you have been working out for awhile and your workout routine has gotten a bit rusty or if it has not giving you the push you need or maybe it stopped working for your fitness goals or simply you are ready for a change, than you are in the right place!  I am about to tell you that you can change any workout and make it a HIIT workout. (more…)