Facebook mentions vs PeriscopeLast week Facebook announced that they too are in the live streaming game with their newest app “Facebook Mentions“.  How can we blame them?  Periscope app by Twitter is the hottest new social media platform right now and started a huge wave with its every growing raved fans!  If you haven’t heard about periscope, you probably are not in my emailing list, just make sure you are in it by clicking this link so you are up to date! (Side affect: you might get healthy with the free give-away in the meantime)

facebook mentionsWhat is great about Facebook Mentions and NOT Periscope

  1. Already Huge Traffic: Facebook already has millions of people who may not even know anything about periscope.
  2. “Some” likable app features: As a “mention-er” (=broadcaster), you have a wider window and comments won’t be all over your face when there are so many people commenting.
  3. Autosave on Live Streams: Facebook Automatically saves the live stream videos on Facebook pages, periscope you would need to integrate with other apps and do some additional processing to push your videos to other social media platforms (sometimes additional processing is not a bad thing especially when you have rambled quite a bit on your live stream… 🙂

What is great about Periscope but NOT Facebook Mentionsperiscope

  1. A Solid Foundation: An app owned by Twitter and it is specialized in live streaming. Although not the very fist in the market, periscope is the first app that is a premier in drawing millions into the live streaming arena.
  2. App Notifications: Facebook Mentions does not notify you when the pages you follow are live, at least I haven’t seen any notifications.
  3. Specialty: When people become “periscopers”, whether broadcasting or watching, they are there to watch or stream reality TV that is on steroids. When people are on Facebook they are there to socialize and when there is live streaming running although the videos are automatically saved on the Facebook pages, the live stream look a bit like a video that is on auto play on Facebook’s stream.  There is not a huge catch/wow-factor that I noticed.
  4. Periscope is for Everybody: Periscope is for EVERYBODY, Facebook is for “Public Figures”, the people who have Facebook Pages that are configured as “Public Figure” and verified.  So, I did change my Facebook Page to be in the “Public Figure” category.  Listen, I am not a “public figure” or anything but I want to check things out on Facebook.  Turns out my Facebook page, that is a bit (ok, a lot) neglected, is also not verified.  So, I did send a request for verification.  Easy to do if you follow the instructions after downloading “Facebook Mentions“. I will let you know how the process goes but if my page can get openned for live streaming, I guess anybody can potentially get a Facebook page and start streaming on Facebook but we shall see.
  5. “Some” Better Features: It is a big thing to give hearts on periscope and this features is very well liked and kind of fun, I bet Facebook Mentions app will come up with “Likes” during live streams soon enough.

Here is me wrapping up this write-up live on periscope:

What to chose as your next live streaming platform:

Choose both if you can!  If you are going to stream, you might as well stream on both of the platforms right?  Just have two devices ready to live stream on. You might need a helper with comments and questions coming your way from both of the platforms if you are streaming live at the same time from both of the platforms, but it is possible.

The Greatest thing about this announcement is that it will only make live streaming platforms better!  Competition is a GOOD thing! Wait, competition is a GREAT thing and you should get on, get your brand recognized and join in the fun!

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