Gel Nail Polish

I know gel nail polishes are not new and I have been hearing about it more and more lately. Me being the no-polish type of girl, not that I don’t want to, it is just that every time I have nail polish on, it only looks good for TWO days on my hands. I am really rough on my nails. So, the idea of having gel nail polish that supposedly can last for two weeks is pretty intriguing.

Gel Nail Polish Party Anyone?

I work from home so I don’t really need to have my nails done a lot either, but I was thinking of ideas to have a girls day out type of an event for my mom, daughter, and me. I thought my mom might really like the gel nail polishes so looking at the salons, I noticed that for three of us, we would end up paying $150 easy for manicure, pedicure. So, next stop shop was of course amazon to find out if they have anything similar and not to my surprise, I found out about the world of gel nail polish home kits!  Reviews are pretty decent too so I thought, instead of going out we could have a fun gel nail polish home party that would cost of around $90 instead and we could use it more than once if we like this.

Here is the home gel nail polish kit that I picked: Gelish: Complete Starter Kit

It comes with everything you need to get started. I am not sure I like the sparkly color but this set comes with two colors and the other color that mom used looks great!  I am not very good at applying nail polish to my nails, you can see from the picture but I really like how my nails turned out to be.  It seems like it will last forever too!  I really am liking the results!  Durability combined with convenience, I REALLY LIKE!

Verdict on Gel Nail Polish Home Kit

Definitely recommend it, BUT:

    1. DO NOT go nuts with it. I did read some reviews on gel nail polish containing cancer causing agent chemicals, BHA, (butylated hydroxyanisol) so watch for that ingredient on any gel nail polish you buy.  With the home kit you get, you can research the ingredients too.  At a salon you don’t know what is in the polish they use.
    2. Also I have read that taking the gel nail polish off could damage your nails. I will definitely be careful on this and will be using the soak off bottle that comes with the Gelish: Complete Starter Kit. However, this would have been true even if you are getting your nails done at a salon. Going back to verdict #1, don’t go nuts on applying gel nail polish!  Give your nails a break, time your gel nail polish home kit usage for those special occasions.
    3. Application and instructions on how to use the home kit, I literally watched this video and ran with it:
    4. Enjoy! (As for my girls day out, we are going shopping!)


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