healthy livingThis months healthy living update is about reflections, goal setting, and holidays. It is crazy that we are about to wrap up 2015!  Before we know it 2016 will be here and we will set out to work on our new year resolutions and goals.  Although most people wait for January 1st to start working on their goals, middle of November to early December is about the time I start thinking about my goals for the new year.

Reflection is part of Healthy Living

Taking the time to reflect on previous year and if you already have goals thinking about what is in/what is out for the next year, what kind of adjustments you will make to your existing goals is important.  If you haven’t started a goal setting exercise yet, just do it. Whether it is a vision board, pen and paper or electronic, whatever works for YOU, just start and you can always adjust and improve the process.  Sometimes, you may actually grow out of a goal, or a goal that you thought might be important at the time, could shape differently and you may take it to a completely different level depending on the circumstances. The point is to get going on it and to get going on it EARLY.

Find the fun in the Journey

“Start with the end in mind”, start thinking about the bigger picture.  Me being the tech girl, at this is the time of year, I usually put the good old pen and paper to work.  Later on I transform what ends up on the paper into an electronic form.  But the key is have fun with it.  You don’t have to take this process too seriously either. Make it fun, enjoy the process, be you, don’t be too hard on yourself, sometimes it is a puzzle that the bits will come into place later on but take the time to really embrace your thoughts. It takes time to build your inner strengths, knowing what you want and write down your principles so you can live a life that is aligned with your core principles.  If you don’t know what they are how would you get there?

Embracing the Key Areas of Your Life

There are major key areas in our lives: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial.  Make sure you reflect and set goals of each key area of your life. Once you have your goals in each area; start thinking about how you would be achieving the goals you set out to do.  Just start bouncing off ideas.  As an example for the physical aspect of my goals this past year, journaling monthly on my weight/fitness was a turning point.  I have improved my eating habits and daily exercise is something that is a part of my life.  As a former fitness instructor, exercise has been an important part of my life all along but these past few years, exercise really took a deep new meaning for me.  I love that I create my own routines, set my own schedule, and really be in sync with my body.  Nutrition has been and is a big part of my well-being now.  Nevertheless, holidays are around the corner, and I am planning a big thanksgiving feast for the family. I look forward to it and so should you.  Just because you are setting/revamping your 2016 goals; doesn’t mean you should not enjoy Thanksgiving and the holidays. Please do eat to your liking and take in all the love around the holiday tables, it feeds  into your emotional and spiritual well being.

This monthly update post has become a reflections, goal setting around the holidays and I love it.  Before I wish you all the best for you and your loved ones this holiday season, I want to mention a couple of books I read this month.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change: I know it is a classic but I had not read this book before. Lots of highlights and deep lessons to take in while setting your goals.

The Alchemist: I re-read the Alchemist this month. I love this book.  Every time I read the Alchemist, it brings a peace and love to my heart and it is well in line with the month of holidays so I treat myself to it.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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