how to be successfulIs failure!  And yep I may be playing with words here a bit but the key to being successful is trying your best despite the possibility of failure, failing and getting back up again and working towards achieving success anyways.  Fail fast, fail a lot but never give up!
You might be wondering why the basketball image on this article. I will tell you a bit about my daughter’s basketball experience as it relates to how failures play a key role in achieving success.

It was frightening to hear my daughter, 5th grader at the time, telling me that she wanted to play basketball.  My daughter had never played basketball before and not to mention whatever sports we signed her up before wasn’t that encouraging.  And here we were in Kentucky, the basketball town and the competitive nature of the sport, we reluctantly and doubtfully signed her up for Upward thinking it would be a low key, less intimidating experience to start with.
Her first time practices and games were extremely difficult to watch to say the least.  But I give credit to my husband who kept reminding me that she had never played basketball before and that she needed time.  But regardless her first upward experience was what someone would call failure to say the least.
There comes middle school years where she made it to the 6th grade team and actually became a starter.  Not that she was great, it is because the county that we are in is split into several schools and there was just not much talent remaining to work with in our school to start out.  Yes, there was good moves here and there and yes she had shined a few times but it was few and far between and one could still call her first year in middle school a failure attempt.  Now at around this time though I knew she just loved the game!  I knew she had passion in it since she endured our teachings, our lessons, our critic, and humiliation after bad games, losing on the court but yet she kept working on her game. She had started to practice outside and kept shooting without us telling her to do so.  So we signed her up with KBA, Kentucky Basketball Association, after school ball season was over.  Although it was a challenging experience for both her and our commute schedule we endured the experience.  She had a remarkable season her second year with Upward and really shined in that comfortable environment.  Later on, she conditioned with high school voleyball team that summer.  The only reason she conditioned with the high school volleyball team is in her own words was that it would help her with her game of basketball.  She attempted to try out for the volleyball team since she was actually getting good at volleyball in the meantime but her heart is in the game of basketball.
Currently she is now a starter for 7th and 8th grade team for school.  Now I am not saying that she is perfect at all, she still makes mistakes and she still has a lot of room for improvement but I can now call her one of the best defensive players that I have seen throughout all the school games around the counties that we are in and she is a great shooter!  She now deserves to be in the team even though she has bad games and needs improvement but she get to this point with all the failures that got her to this point.  I don’t know what the future of basketball with me in my daughter’s life in the future and i really don’t care but it thought the whole experience thought us many valuable lessons that I can definitely call as success.  I think I grew up as a parent and learned a lot in the process, but most importantly my daughter now knows that she can do whatever she sets her mind to and that it all takes practice and many failures along the way.
So, next time you wonder how to be successful at something, just remember to get out there, fail as often as you can to perfect your game. Sure way to success is to fail, fail a lot, fail fast but never give up!
There you have it!
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