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Here is my weight update for the month of June. Before I go into how much I lost/gain, I will tell you what went well and what didn’t go so well..  I liked the calorie calculator to lose weight so I will keep my updated calculations at the bottom of this post and later talk about and plan for what is ahead for next month.

Things that go well:

  1. Definitely writing about my weight is #1. Accountability that is! When I knew that I was going to write about my weight this month, i have been feeling the pressure and responsibility to show some progress. This accountability partner stuff does work, I tell ya! Monthly weight update blog post alone pushed me towards my goal.  Feel free to sign up for my mailing list as a reminder to review your progress!  You won’t miss my updates and won’t get spammed and could always check out if you don’t like what I write about. So, there is no risk really. So just stop here and sign up now and come back.
  2. Writing to review my monthly progress is also a good way to reflect on my eating habits. I am thinking about setting up a meal plan but probably not in June because in a few days we are heading to Turkey for vacation and who knows what I will eat…
  3. The calorie calculator. I think it is nice to have a number to shoot for even though it is just a number.  Although I was not always sticking to it, the number was at the back of my mind and I knew when I was over it and had to recover so I will be updating my calorie calculator to lose weight again at the end of this post and will keep a running track record as we go along.
  4. I ordered Natural Vitality Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon 16 oz from amazon.  I had heard great reviews about this product.  There is a lot of research on the need of the body for more magnesium, but this natural magnesium supplement product also helps with staying regular. There are a lot of reviews on the calming effect therefore a lot of people also use this product as a sleep aid, but I have no problem with sleeping so I can’t tell you if it made a difference on me or not. I ordered both raspberry lemon and plain kind. I liked the raspberry lemon better. I drank that about an hour with warm water before I go to bed about every other day or so. For me it was a good reminder for mindset that I am working on clean eating. I do recommend it but if you are going to try it out start with a small dose.
  5. Exercised almost every day. Now, I usually do this anyways and I will write more about it how I started to exercise smarter and not harder.

Things that did NOT go so well:

  1. I guess this section can also go into what went well but anyhow…  My parents getting ready to go back to Turkey. Them getting ready for their way back took about 2 weeks of paying attention to what final things they need to take back with them.  It was a bit stressful at times and I didn’t pay attention to what I ate but overall everything went fine and we were grateful for their visit and helping us out with our kids.
  2. I am figuring out that stress make me eat more and I need to do a better job at planning my meals better.

What did I eat mainly:


coffee and Rice Cakes Topped with Bananas


Cheese and Veggie Wrap



I was not specific and it shows… 🙁


How much do I weigh now:

143 pounds.  Yep, I lost 2 pounds and I really didn’t try too hard.  there were a bunch of cheat days. I feel if I was really strict I could lose A LOT more but overall losing weight was really not my main focus this month.

What is my current goal:

It would be great if I can get back to 135 pounds by the end of July but it probably is not a realistic goal and here is why.  We are traveling to Turkey for vacation baby!  The main reason we are going is actually to attend my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, which got canceled. (WTH!)  But we have a 4 day cruise vacation planned along the south coast, which will be amazing and I am SOOOO looking forward to it!  Before I go too far off target with all the excitement, my goal is to eat as clean as possible before/after the vacation but just be watchful during.  If I can end the month even at 141 pounds, losing 2 more pounds, I will consider it a huge accomplishment.

My updated calorie calculator to lose weight:

Here it goes:

Height: 5feet 6inches

Current Weight: 143 pounds

BMI: 23.24

Target Calorie Range: 1473 (I will remember 1400 cause i like the round number :)) (See the calorie calculation below)


How Many Calories Should I Eat

Yes, anytime we need to lose we need to have a target calorie range.  Here is the formula and I will continue to update this section every month based on my current weight:

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) = Your Current Weight X 10=1430
Daily Activity Expenditure (DAE) = 143. (Although I exercise daily, i rate myself as sedentary in general because I am in front of a computer all day or driving kids around to sports games/practices.  Unless you have an active job such as construction worker, personal trainer, fitness instructor, etc., you might want to rate yourself sedentary as well)
Sedentary: RMRx10%
Moderately Active: RMRx20%
Very Active: RMRx30%
Daily Exercise Calories (DEC) = 400. (Most days I am on elliptical doing a HIIT workout for about 30 minutes. Although half hour HIIT is usually rated around 600 calories, since I am on the elliptical I am rating myself a bit low and also on the weekends, I go out running with my hubby but I am a slow runner/walker.  So, keeping the daily exercise burn rate at 400 calories is what is real for me.  Some days more, some days less, I feel it is a good average target)
Desired Calorie Deficit (DCD) = 500. If I want to maintain my weight this would have been a 0 but since I want to lose at least 4 pounds, I need to have a calorie deficit here.  For those lucky ones who want to gain weight, they would put in a negative number.  500 calories is about 1pound a week. But I feel 600 calories will put me at a good range for this month.
Your Daily Calorie Target = RMR+DAE+DEC-DCD
= 1430 + 143 + 400 – 500 = 1473

Are you in?

Did you calculate your stats with me yet?  Feel free to share this article and join the challenge by signing up to my mailing list below.  Keeping it real, Peace, Out…

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