As a scientist and an entrepreneur, I put ideas and experience together with clarity and grace to lead a movement. As a leader, I build and manage teams that get things done. As a consultant, teacher, author and trainer, I help others do the same. I love what I do because I believe every individual has potential to make an impact.

It is amazing how it all started and how fast it is growing…  I started my website because of my passion for fitness and it quickly evolved into my research lab. My passion to help others to be healthy provided me this unique opportunity on the internet to help others with their health, business, career, and life-style.  I started to put together trainings on what I know and shared it like it is.  I still refer to the video training series that I shared with my email subscribers and I am on a mission to help others with their health and fitness, careers, businesses, new technology and tools.

I was born in Istanbul, Turkiye or should I say Turkey, hmmmm, a very long time ago….:)

My dad is a forest engineer so we traveled around in many cities in TR, me changing schools and playing and dancing in the streets of Turkey with friends as happy as a kid can be!!! Ended up finishing high school at Duzce Anatolian High School with a top GPA and got accepted by the Istanbul Technical University, Management Engineering department. During college, we girls were dancing and singing in the dorm hallways in our PJs.

After college, I worked for an Automative company in Turkey as a manufacturing resource planning (MRP) expert and realized how I liked programming and wanted to do more with it so I started looking at master programs abroad. If I was gonna do my masters I might as well get it done in a different country is what I decided. Although wanted to go to England at first, remember it is a lot closer to Turkey, a friend who lived in Richland, WA send me application forms for Washington State University and getting the acceptance, I came to the USA with a student visa. Fast forward through me getting married, moving to Tri-Cities, completing my masters and then PhD. in Computer Science, and working for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, having my daughter and son, I discovered fitness and fell in love with it. My passion turned into pursing a career in the fitness world which then it brought me online where my technical background and passion intersected and evolved into much more and I love everything about my online business! 

I enjoy getting everybody’s feedback and love hearing your stories and meeting new people.

My most important job title is being a mom and a step-mom to my kids.

My second most amazing job is being able to share my knowledge whether it is science, technology, career or love and pursuit of a fit life with other like minded people and touch everyone’s careers, lifes and hearts in the process and make an impact!

Here is my my beautiful family… My first born precious daughter Melisa, my little baby boy Burak (yep, he will always be the baby!), and my dear handsome husband, the rock star, Greg Gosney.

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