29778274_sI have been blogging on and off for about 5 years now and it is no secret that most of the traffic to any blog today comes with social shares therefore social media marketing should be an essential part of any online business strategy no matter what business you are in. This year I am obsessed more than ever with automating most of my online presence so my business just keeps operating even when I am sleeping or in a completely unrelated meeting at a day job..  I like automation and I cannot lie!  

I have put together a diagram on social media marketing and shared it with my followers on one of my recent scopes but it wasn’t yet complete since the starting of automation still required me to take action manually even though it would cover most of my social media platform presence.  So therefore I was on the look out for an intuitive tool that will take my social media marketing strategy to the next level. Yes, I do know about HootSuite and Buffer but with these tools, free to a point, although you can schedule your social media posts, it requires you to go back and forth with your blog and could get you scatter brained on pointless posts on several media platforms.  Than I came across CoSchedule and decided to sign up for their 14 day FREE trial to check it out and was I so glad that i did!  Funny how when there is value on a product, customers not only pay but happy to do so and I sure am one of them for CoSchedule.

Here are the 7 reasons I LOVE CoSchedule and why you should take advantage of their FREE trial:

  1. Setting up CoScheduler on my WordPress site is a complete breeze!  Being a computer scientist, I realize I am not your typical blogger, but it is more of a reason why I appreciate when I come across a software product that just works.  Setting up coscheduler on your site is literally a three step process:
    • setting up an account,
    • linking your social media profiles, and
    • installing a plugin on your website and you are set up and ready to use the tool to its potential.
  2. Every blog post you write you get to plan your content dripping strategy on your connected social media platforms and forget about it after that.  What a powerful concept!  Set it and forget it but wait it gets better!
  3. You can look at a holistic view of your social media platforms on your CoSchedule calendar right from your blog!  What!!!  When I saw this feature I really was sold immediately.  You know monthly/weekly/yearly what posts are going when and you can see which days/months you are marketing what content and if there is an imbalance you can move around your scheduled content and spread it out more evenly for a cadence that works for you and your brand.
  4. Bit.ly integration.  No need to try to come up with short links especially for your tweets.  Upon integration your scheduled posts/tweets will have shortened urls to your blog automatically.
  5. Post analysis where you can see your top posts and decide which content is popular and create a schedule and content strategy based on those numbers, which won’t lie!
  6. You can collaborate and assign tasks to your team via co-scheduler. I don’t really use this feature myself but I can see why on a co-shared blog content platform it would make a lot of sense to utilize this feature.
  7. Reasonable price point.  Solo marketing price point should be good for many but you can also refer your readers to the tool that will get you to save 10% on a tool that you use anyways.

What would be a nice to have:

  1. Instagram integration, you can schedule it through ifttt, so not a show stopper.  I read blog posts about people dropping out because of pinterest integration missing, really?  just use ifttt.
  2. Being able to post regular posts to social media and plan them out.  Not just from your blog content but from the calendar itself.

Final Verdict

If there was a FREE tool out there that does social media marketing as good as CoScheduler does, trust me I would tell you.  You know by now that I don’t recommend any product/tool/service to my readers unless i use it myself and find it immensely valuable to even mention it.  There are numerous tools out there that would sync your blog links to social media platforms upon publication but they won’t let you schedule your content and plan it in the long run like CoSchedule. There are tools out there that would let you schedule your content and plan it in the long run, but they don’t integrate with your blog as good as CoSchedule.  CoSchedule is not the first product that introduces the social media marketing for blogger but they sure are the ones who are the first to do it right and for that they deserve my raving blog content review. Kudos!  Get your FREE trial now and enjoy!

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