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The ever growing and changing landscape of the social media! Lets pause take a pulse and look at what is happening in the social media sites in 2015.

Facebook: Let’s start with the giant Facebook.  Yes, everybody is there, your parents and great-great-parents too.  Honestly I just see a big messy ball of hair when I log into Facebook lately.  There are just too many distractions, ads and too much noise.  What I want to see and get notifications for doesn’t show up and what I don’t want to see does.  Personally I feel a trapped when it comes to Facebook.  I have pages that I need to follow such as kids school, yes they have one-call, but team practices seem to be announced only on the school Facebook page.  So I had to make changes to what I want to see on the pages that I like.  On your phone, you need to pick show first option when you go to the page view. Some days I don’t even want to look at Facebook but if I miss somebody’s birthday that I didn’t want to miss, I feel bad.  From the business sense there is traffic and you might have to pay to get a piece of that puzzle which is fine.  But if you don’t enjoy the platform or you used to but not anymore, it would show and it is a bit counter intuitive to your marketing campaign as a business owner to play on a field that you don’t like.  Also there is so many Facebook pages that run on auto pilot nowadays that although the people that I like and follow on other platforms, I don’t like seeing their Facebook page feed because it is just that. Running on auto pilot and not personable. I see Facebook drifting from being no longer a playground for the big brands. I do have to admit that Facebook events/groups are still a good way to have a group of people get together and collaborate.  The notifications being buried in the noise is still a problem but the platform is good to post/share/mobile friendly that since good outweighs the bad, reluctantly, I would still pick Facebook as my social media site for my group and event communications.

Instagram: I still love Instagram. Instagram is the source of all the rest of my social media feed.  What I mean by that is if I trigger a post on Instagram, my social feeds are automated such that every one of them will post an update.   The reason why I like Instagram is cause I feel some sense of quiteness and peace there. Less noise.  I feel I can follow and unfollow anybody I want, less pressure to act on birthdays, events, less promotion, and what not.

Pinterest: It is a bit the same as Instagram.  Pinterest programming interface doesn’t seem to let the users do automation as much as we would like as Instagram but still I personally just like the platform as a user and a business owner.  User interface is nice.  I like that pictures can take you site links unlike Instagram.  I am playing with Pinterest groups.  I need to do some research there though. But the same I said about Instagram is true with Pinterest.  Less noise, don’t need to follow the people who follow/like/love etc.

YouTube:  is a beast.  Everything you are looking for today is on YouTube. From cooking to knitting, to vocal lessons to you name it.  Although the competition is high and the content is key, if you can consistently publish content and are good with video editing or can hire professional help, I still think there is a lot of opportunity with YouTube for business owners.

Twitter: is my social search engine but really with all the noise on this social media site there is just no way I am keeping up with everybody’s post.  People post the same links over and over again depending on the reach of the time of the day and the nature of such a short lived post span.  Although I cut down on who I am following on Twitter the platform is overly automated that your regular feed is no longer usable.  Now you can join groups/lists that can get get business owners more targeted conversations but I personally haven’t explored all the possibilities so I am sure there is more in there if one takes the time to learn it but Twitter’s newest app really took the social media and live streaming to a new level.  Twitter still being the social search engine, currently the real interactions are taking place in Periscope!

Periscope: I have to say I love periscope!  Periscope brings a level of humility and uncut version of people.  You get to see the real deal, the everyday life.  But I have to say Periscope can become a huge time kill if you are not following the right people and getting sucked into it.  Don’t get me wrong I am all for supporting people, but when somebody gets to their scope content 10 minutes after a meet&greet session I am out of there. That is why I saved the best for last.

Podcasts: Podcasts are still my go to place for self improvement.  I mentioned my top 3 podcasts in this blog post and I know Chalene is huge on periscope which she has done a great job with her scopes just like anything else but even Chalene’s Periscopes can become a time waste!  I can’t believe I said that!  But it is true! I love that she repurposes and pushes the good content in the form of a podcast where I can consume the strip down information with no Hi’s and Hello’s and get her point in double speed listen only mode while doing my workout.  Which social media site can beat that!

I would love to know about what your favorite social media site is.   Leave a comment and let me know.




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