telecommuting success formulaMy book on telecommuting success formula is going to be available on Amazon Store on my Birthday, August 3rd, 2017!  This was one of the best birthday presents I can give to myself. This is a present that will keep on giving to others and here is how:

It is a must read for every Teleworker or NOT.

My book named “Telework Like a Pro: How to Find the Happy in Career, Family and Life As a Teleworker” is about telecommuting and how to become better at it. More than 30 million American workers work beyond the four walls of the traditional office. They’re teleworkers, and they’re changing the nature of work – for themselves, their co-workers, their managers and their families. Telework, or telecommuting, offers numerous benefits to both workers and the firms that employ them.

However, If you think this book is not for you since it is for people who are teleworkers/telecommuters I want you to read it anyways! This book is a motivational; thought provoking and challenges the idea, possibilities, and opportunities when it comes to teleworking. I know with every inch of me that this book will help you to accomplish the things that matter to you, to find the happy in your life, spread the message for generations to come.  While reading through my struggles as a teleworker and finding the telecommuting success formula that works for me, it will give you inspiration to achieve YOUR goals. This book will cause you to be uncomfortable with your present level of performance whether working from home or on-site. It will turn failure into motivation and mediocrity into excellence.

Read the Telecommuting Success Formula for FREE

On August 3rd 2017, my birthday, my book will be available and downloadable for FREE.  Why do I just give away this book that I spend hours writing, resources editing, and emotions invested?  Two reasons:

  1. I believe in the message!  I truly believe that this book will help you no matter where you are in your life and it will inspire you!  Therefore I want to hand it to my close friends and people like you that I care about!
  2. I hope that you will write a review on Amazon for my book and share it on social media so other people can find it inspiring and spread the message.  If there are no downloads and/or reviews on a book in the Amazon store it literally disappears and goes into a black hole where unless you are searching by the name and author specifically it will never even come up!  If you purchase (yes, even if for $0), and leave a review, more people will be able to find the book.  More lives will change if you just take action that will cost you NOTHING!

So please instead of posting a happy birthday message on social media or sending me an email or text, the best birthday present you can give me is to download my book for free and read the easy read and post a review of my book on Amazon. I would forever be grateful for it!

Book Download Link: Amazon Store

Book Review Link: Post a Book Review on Amazon  

Download my Goal Setting Worksheet

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