best email marketing softwareIf you are looking for an awesome email marketing software for your business, small or big, you need to drop everything you are doing and pay attention here! Since your email list is the only consistent way to reach your audience (no matter which hot and sexy new social media platform they are on) it is essential to your business.  Before reaching out to your audience you would need to pick the right tool to start managing your email communications and marketing.

When I first started online, I was using the BCC (blank carbo copy) of gmail, LOL, and it was a hassle to say the least to manage my contacts constantly adding/removing emails to the list..  than as I learned more, I started utilizing AWeber, a pretty popular almost a standard email marketing software out on the market.  The problem with this software is that although the first month is $1, you will start paying $19.99/month soon after.  Although it has many of the automation features that are nice and that I used the software for about a year to manage my zumba instructor contacts who were attending my ZIN jam session and it worked at the time, hindsight I didn’t need to be paying for the service at all.  Moreover when you are using a product, customer service can break or win your trust to the company. The integrity of the company offering the service/product I am using is VERY important to me especially the way they handle themselves when a customer decides to stop using their service/product.   Let me just say that the customer service was NOT professional when I told them to close my account.

Later in my online business I started using phplist.  Since I am comfortable with the technology, I was able to install this software, run, and configure and host the code to work on my site.  Although it is free and has potential, phplist has plenty of limitations. User interface issues and I can see how configuration updates could make a non-technical (or technical) bloggers’ life a nightmare.  I still have my lists from PhpList but I am not currently using this platform.

Later in my journey, I discovered MailChimp, the best email marketing software, PERIOD!  In my humble and opinionated opinion (LOL), MailChimp is the best email marketing software out there and here are the 7 reasons WHY:

  1. It is FREE till you need the paid features: I like the marketing philosophy behind MailChimp‘s “FREE-till-you-need-the-paid-features” email marketing software business.  Currently MailChimp is FREE for a list of 2000 subscribers. It is not only no-strings-attached, it is also a brilliant strategy.  Why not let the users play with the platform and see if they like it and than if/when their list(s) grow and their business is up and running, they would be happy to pay for the service.  Who wouldn’t?  What this does for the business owner is HUGE.  For one, you can focus on providing value till you get to a number that has potential for big wins.  It takes the heavy burden of justifying the business costs and avoids the need to push a sale.
  2. Templates to automate email messages: I like consistency and easy-to-use drag-and-drop features of template creation for email marketing. While composing your next campaign, all you need to do is to pick up the template to use and edit the body of the template for your campaign so you can focus on your message and providing value to your audience than worrying about how your email message will look like on a mobile device; phone/ipad/desktop every time.
  3. Campaign insights and statistics are top notch and everything you need: So many features to list but all you need to do is to click on a report to see the engagement per email message and the response rates.  You won’t get anything you don’t need and everything you don’t think you do but find it useful you will get.
  4. It ranks your subscribers and their engagement:  I like that MailChimp ranks each subscribers and gives them a ranking.  You know which subscribers are the most engaged and get you the most! This ranking is nice cause you can weed out your subscribers who are no longer engaged and keep your subscriber count down to the acceptable 2000 email subscriber count. Yes, that means deleting the users who are just not engaged with you and your message and that is just OK.
  5. Every feature you see on MailChimp website is available on the mobile app!  The user interface of mailChimp is super easy on the website to the point that my 12 year old daughter can help me manage my email marketing, but the MailChimp app is even more intuitive and with you everywhere you go.
  6. You can move users between mailing lists. If there is one downfall to MailChimp is the inability to give away more than one FREE content for each list. However there is a work-around. You can create different FREE give-aways for different lists that you setup and combine the lists into one by mass copying subscribers from one list to another.
  7. Chimp monkey is cute!  You will understand this if you start using this email marketing platform for your campaigns.  The campaigns are all animated and you get high fives from the chimp money after each mass mailing campaign you create.

If you have read this article this far, you will learn my top tip on how to manage your email campaigns.  Yes, you can pay for the additional feature to schedule your email campaigns, currently it is $9.99/month, but what I do is manage my email campaigns by dates that they are suppose to go out.  When I see that an email campaign is due, I simply open my MailChimp app and hit sent and VIOLA!  This is actually not a “smarty skirts” hack!  I like to have an editorial calendar.  You still need the automation service if you plan on a serial of email marketing campaign, such as a “7 day challenge”, “30 day push” where you get automated and canned emails for a set amount of day.

I wrote this article so you learn from my mistakes, well trial and errors what I call them… 🙂 and make the right decision for your business.  You really have got nothing to lose but much to gain if you give it a try and start using this fine, best email marketing software, good luck!