why you need an accountability partner

This week blog post on accountability partner is a guest post written by my amazing daughter, Melisa Sencer Gosney!  I not only love her to pieces but I am also so proud of the smart girl she has become. I have showed her my process and written down the instructions and she went on, did a little research and wrote a nice article about why someone would need an accountability partner.  Enjoy!

An accountability partner is someone who is there to motivate you and help you reach your goals, and once in a while is there to kick your butt. You probably know it can be hard to carry out your goals or stay motivated, and it really helps if you have someone with you trying to achieve the same goal wether its losing weight, career or business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there by your side helping you strive to complete whatever you set out to do.  Sometimes your accountability partner could be a family member, daughter/son, husband/wife or an accountability partner could be miles away from you but regardless still there for you virtually.

Benefits of Having an Accountability Partner

  1. New ideas – You may have a problem, don’t have a quick solution and feeling like stuck. Its happens to all of us. Having someone by your side insures them having fresh ideas for your problems and challenges that have you thinking “why didn’t i think of that?”.  Brainstorming a problem and coming up with ideas is just easier with someone who is by your side, on your team, and your trusted partner.
  2. Being your #1 fan –  Sometimes we get too caught up on what we have left to do that we can’t sit back and celebrate the progress we’ve made. Having a cheerleader on your side boosts motivation and feelings of achievement.
  3. The truth –  Sometimes you may not be able to see the fact that you are not making any progress, maybe you aren’t trying hard enough. No one wants to hear that they are failing after they have put in time and effort into a project. Your accountability partner will most likely be the first person to talk to you and point about what has gone wrong, brutally honest and have new ideas to steer you back into the right direction!
  4. Emotional support – This is often so unnoticed. You may be busy, but you are a human being, not a machine. We all need someone to be there for us once in a while. Juggling a million things alone is not only stressful but can lead to you becoming depressed.  Having someone to share your ups and downs is priceless.
  5. Create awareness – the more awareness you have, the better your choices, decisions and actions will be. The discussions you have with your accountability partner will create lots of awareness. The next time you send an email or reach for that chocolate muffin you’ll think about your accountability partner.
  6. Have a laugh – Just because you have lots of things to get done in your life and at work  doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun. Sometimes you just need to lighten up and having a giggle with someone will boost your energy and give you motivation.

Take Action!

Why you need an accountability partnerThere are so many benefits the list could go on and on, if you don’t currently have an accountability partner i would recommend getting one. If you don’t know how to go about doing this, don’t worry. Shared values, is the foundation of a good quality accountability partnership. So think of people you have a good relationship with. If they share common interests, inspired by your ideas and share your passions there might just be a natural match that you are not aware of. Talk to them about your accountability partnership idea. Have a discussion about the benefits and results both of you would want. The key here is to make it a discussion and a win-win situation. Not a “will you won’t you” question . Engage in conversation. If they say yes, great.Work out a format that works for both of you and off you go.


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