zumbathonTrying to find out what a Zumbathon(R) is, where to start and how to organize one? You are in the right place…:)

What is a Zumbathon®?

Zumbathon® is an official registered trademark of Zumba Fitness® and can only be held by getting an approval by Zumba Fitness®. A Zumbathon® is not only an official Zumba Fitnes® event, but it is also usually held to support a cause by an approved fundraiser campaign. It is usually an extended length of a Zumba Class that can range anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4 hours depending on the event. Usually several different Zumba Instructors will teach at a Zumbathon event and create excitement to support the cause.

I want to organize a Zumbathon®, where to start?

  1. Get my book and know exactly what steps you need to execute, cause any Zumba Instructor can schedule a zumbathon© but not everybody can promote and guarantee success. Here is where you get my book that has all the golden nuggets you need to know:How to Promote Fitness Events, Fundraisers, Parties!
  2. Find out the current fundraiser campaign(s) that Zumba Fitness® is supporting at the time of your inquiry. Best place to start is your Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) Home Page.
  3. Secure your location.
  4. Once you fill out the necessary information, agree on the terms and conditions, and submit your application, the approval is pretty quick. Upon approval, you will receive the links to your event on www.zumba.com website as well as receive a marketing material bundle with your approval, which is GOLD. It saves you all the pain and trouble of creating flyers and templates, etc. for your event.

Date is set, Zumbathon® is approved, what next?

Here are the basics:

  1. Start contacting as many Zumba instructors in your area as you possibly can and ask for their participation. It is crucial that Zumba instructors support each other for the success of a Zumbathon® events.
  2. Start a fundraiser campaign merchandise sales, usually zumba office gives a portion of the zumbawear® sales to the specific organization.
  3. Go viral, let your students and everybody know about your event, market, market, market.
  4. There is a good potential to bring press to this event, as it is usually a big fundraiser Zumba Fitness® event in the community.
  5. Share the work load other zumba instructors and most importantly have fun!

There is a lot more to dive into here which actually takes the length of a book; that is why I wrote my book …:)  Check it out here: How to Promote Fitness Events, Fundraisers, Parties!

An example Zumbathon®: United We Dance to Cure ALS™ Zumbathon® charity event

We often take for granted that we can move. Unfortunately, there are many people who can’t — because of a disease called ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, ALS is a progressive motor neurone disease that robs people of the ability to move their muscles. 75% of ticket fees from each Zumbathon® event directly benefit MDA’s Augie’s Quest, a nonprofit research initiative dedicated to finding treatments and cures for ALS. United We Dance to Cure ALS™ Zumba® apparel and accessories include tanks, cargo pants and bracelets.  Feel great knowing that 30% of the purchase price of merchandise sold directly benefits MDA’s Augie’s Quest.

Here is the link to donate and/or register for our United We Dance to Cure ALS™ Zumbathon® charity event! All the instructors in our area is invited and welcome to teach at this event and so many of us are already participating and very excited to see you at this Zumbathon® charity event!